Hello Bling Lovers,  Wearable art. For me, whether it is jewelry hanging on my body or a lovely vintage evening purse in my hands, I am entranced by the creative wonderful art that I can look at as I take it with me where ever I go. I can decorate myself and enjoy looking at the unique pieces again and again. Do you feel this way? I truly love vintage jewelry and evening purses. I also love the old perfume bottles and atomizers. But that is another story. I want to share my lovely pieces, and to learn more about their creation and creators as well as sharing how I clean and repair my pieces. I love thinking of ways to display jewelry without destroying the piece. I have worked on putting brooches on hair combs or using them to make tiaras. They can be worn for special events. We can use pieces from the women in our past. I really like the idea of being able to take the comb or tiara apart and have the piece unharmed. I like wearing it again and remembering the special woman, my mother or grandmother the special event where I wore my temporary creation. Today, I am working to make my blog and my face book site link. I will be posting about my jewelry and vintage purses as well as about my perfume bottles. And I hope to sale some of my treasures. I have so many pieces and I don’t want to hide many of them away in boxes. I want to share …and downsize. Stay tuned bling lovers. Continue reading

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Bernie’s Vintage Web Site is Down

J28Hello Bling Lovers,

I made a mistake and didn’t renew my yearly subscription to my Bernie’s Vintage web site. I did mange to renew my Domain name and so I still have it. I am hoping with help to get the web site up and running again. In the mean time if you are looking for vintage jewelry, evening purses or perfume bottles please send me a message. I have wonderful pieces. Many are for sell. So post a comment or a question. I am back. I am paying attention. And I love jewelry.

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Sparkle and Glitter – Shiny Jewelry – Wonderful Art

Hello Bling Lovers,

What a wonderful time I had with my oldest daughter. She was married last weekend and she wanted to wear something from my Mom’s collection of rhinestone jewelry. We looked and sorted. We went through at least a hundred pieces before she selected a necklace and matching dangle earrings. The stones were clear with no foil backing. They were set to dangle in gold. The necklace was delicate and had so much sparkle. The earrings were not large but hung down in the same pattern and matched the dangle of the necklace.

I was reminded of how marvelous vintage rhinestones are. They can be outrageously large and complex. Or they can give their sparkle to a delicate and lovely piece. j78Just look at this wonderful brooch. It is perfect to add to a wedding dress or to a hair pretty or to hold a veil.  It could be used in a bouquet if placed just right. Rhinestones make happy jewelry. I am going to be sharing more of mine. Perhaps we can share ideas about how we like to use and wear our jewelry. I thank my Mom for collecting so much and letting me and my lovely daughters share. It was wonderful to find just the right piece for my bride daughter. Bernice

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Vintage Evening Purses…Lovely and Interesting!

Hello Bling Lovers!  I love this old Whiting and Davis vintage evening purse. The black and white enameled design is from the Deco era. The polished silver plated compact top features a raised oval disc decorated in black enamel, depicting a colonial couple in period clothing.  The inside of the compact provides a place for the lady to carry powder and rouge. There is also a small oval mirror and a fold out holder for a small comb. The compact top lifts up to reveal the interior, unlined mesh purse. The original carry black cord handle with adjustable metal slide is securely attached.  I cleaned my compact with a soft cloth. I buffed the top with a silver polishing cloth. Do not use liquid silver cleaner on enameled bags. This is fun little purse to carry to dinner. Leave you cell phone at home. If you are looking for vintage purses let me know. I have hundreds. My Mom collected them for years and years.

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Joy Behar, these are your earrings!

root beer and amber-colored vintage rhinetone earrings

Root beer and amber-colored vintage rhinetone earrings (click to enlarge)

Amazing autumn colors. Wonderful root beer and amber-colored rhinestones set in small gold leaves.

Joy Behar, these earrings are PERFECT for you!

Add these sparkles to your ears. Your hair – Amber and root beer rhinestones – the perfect combination!

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Cleaning Rhinestone Jewelry

Hello Bling Lovers,
Recently members of a jewelry collecting, selling group have been talking about cleaning their rhinestone jewelry. One member used a cleaner called Awesome. He got the piece he was cleaning wet with the solution. He ended up with some of the metal finish/coating come off of the jewelry.

Other members have used Jewelry Joose. (This product is difficult to find) and have gotten the jewelry wet with it. A substitute for Jewelry Joose is a solution of Ivory dish soap.

The problem with any of solutions is getting the jewelry wet. If the rhinestones are foil backed or if the gold or silver is a coating or plate you may end up damaging the pieces. On the other hand dirty jewelry is not attractive and if you want to sell it you must clean it up.

How? To begin, take a soft cloth and gently wipe the piece. You will be amazed at the difference this can make. Then take a Q-tip and try a little alcohol. The alcohol evaporates quickly and cuts through some types of grime. I also use a tad bit of ammonia on a Q-tip if there is greasy dirt.

I admit I have “soaked” pieces in jewelry cleaner with good results. I have scrubbed the soaked pieces with a small brush. But these are pieces with rhodium metal and rhinestones that are not foil backed. I also use a blow dryer to make sure I get the piece totally dry. I leave the piece setting on a towel for a day or two and then repeat the blow drying. I do not want water trapped between the metal and the rhinestone.

I use this for extremely dirty pieces and for limited types or rhinestone jewelry. Hope it is helpful to hear what I do. Take care and research before you make your cleaning choices. Take care, bling lovers! Bernie

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Vintage Rhinestone Brooches Designed as Hair Pretties, Yes!

Hello Bling Lovers,
Yesterday, I took a walk and ended up at our little town’s Wednesday Market. I met a woman who designs and works with beads. She and I are meeting to see if she can help me make a lovely hair pretty from a vintage brooch. I am so excited. I have several design ideas. My beading is leaves something to be desired in the quality department. So, with her expertise, I hope to make lovely hair pieces for brides, bride’s maids or proms. Maybe just for my fellow bling lovers!!I will be posting pictures soon. Bernie

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