Jewelry Books – Researching Value and Identity of Your Jewels

Hello Bling Lovers!

I continue to read and read. I visit  other jewelry collector and seller’s sites. I have been on Amazon looking for books to help me understand my Bling aka Vintage Jewelry. I am so confused, but I know I am also gaining knowledge every day. There is so much information available on the web it is difficult to sort it out.

Wouldn’t you know it my Mom, even after she is gone, helped me again. She collected jewelry identification books. Most of her books are likely collectible themselves. But one book was written in 2005. Mom must have bought it just before she died. She and I were talking about selling some of her/our huge collection. I had a collection too but my jewels just don’t compare with Mom’s.  The 2005 book is 20th Century Costume Jewelry 1900-1980 by Ronna Lee Aikins. It has beautiful pictures. I like the pictures of the jewelry from the 60s and 70s. I didn’t really collect this type of jewelry. I bought and wore it.  I do have quite a lot of, what I call, 60s & 70s junk jewelry. Fun to see this stuff listed and valued.

Ok, let’s talk value. The darn books are out of date almost as soon as you get them home.  They a great identification resource. They are also a great tway o learn jewelry trends and fashion of a specific era. Value, well the way I look at it, they are a help. I look at the values in the books and then I go shopping. I look at Etsy, Ruby Lane and Ebay’s sold or buy it now pieces. I compare and decide. This is not brain surgery. At least,  that is what I tell myself. If I get it wrong there is no real damage.  It will not sale but soooo. Right now I think I have over priced a stunning black and smoke  rhinestone necklace

I am told it is a Juliana, DeLizza & Elster piece. It really is gorgeous. But I don’t know what I was thinking when I priced it. So, I will change the price. There you have it. You can change your mind.  Of course, I want to be right on, but, fellow bling lovers, the stores all have different prices and the books vary also.

So don’t be too scared to get started and don’t be too stubborn to change the prices. Bernie 


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