Answering Question About Cleaning Silver Mesh Purses

Hello Bling Lovers,

Thanks for the question. If you have a mesh purse with leather do NOT dip the purse. Leather can not be dipped in TarnX.   Sorry, you can use silver paste and a soft tooth brush on the mesh.  But the leather can not withstand the chemicals. I would love to see your purse. Bernie bernies


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My husband Bruce Gainer and I are owners of 209 and S106 at Kalanikai. We hope to chat with other owners and residents to learn more about our complex and our association. We hope Kalanikaichat enhances communication. Who knows we may make some new friends..
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2 Responses to Answering Question About Cleaning Silver Mesh Purses

  1. lisa says:

    I cast gold and sterling jewelry for a living, using lost wax casting. I use this stinky stuff called ellanar dip. It REALLLY stinks but, I will tell you it works!! Very simple, not polishing or scrunning at all. Just dip and rinse. I usually rinse with dawn to take smel away. For anyone who loves silver, this is most important. Also, you’d be amazed at what dry baking soda will do to shine silver. Not as good as ellanar though. I could dip something(half and half) and send a photo for you.


    • Thanks for the idea. I am going to attempt to find Ellanar Dip on line. I have used dry baking soda but have limited this to pieces that are not lined. When there is a lining I continue to use a polishing cloth. That is the safest. I am not happy with the results. I am excited to get a product to use instead of dipping in TarnX. Bernie

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