My Necklace Is Bone, Not Ivory!

Hello Bling Lovers,  I am so grateful to the Jewel Collect members who took their time and helped me identify the material used in my carved vintage necklace. I know it is bone and not ivory. There are no ivory beads in it. My Mom was misled by the store owners who sold her the necklace. It makes me want to be extremely careful in my descriptions when I sell at Bernies Vintage.  

One JC member actually has a very informative article about ivory at her web store. I have asked her for permission to link to the article. If she will allow me to do so, you will be able to shop at a great place.

I am continuing to research and explore how to identify, care for and repair all types of vintage jewelry and vintage silver. Remember, if you do not know how to clean something, stop!  Wait, think about your goal. Are you trying to make the item more attractive to a buyer?  Buyers sometimes prefer the item wiped down but with the patina remaining. Is the item glued?  Do you have rhinestones with foiled backs?  Tomorrow I will talk about cleaning vintage flatware.  I have some beautiful sterling Gorham Fairfax sterling flatware. I am in the middle of cleaning it. I want to sell it and want it to look good but not dull.  Talk to you then. Bernie


About kalanikaichat

My husband Bruce Gainer and I are owners of 209 and S106 at Kalanikai. We hope to chat with other owners and residents to learn more about our complex and our association. We hope Kalanikaichat enhances communication. Who knows we may make some new friends..
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3 Responses to My Necklace Is Bone, Not Ivory!

  1. kat dancing says:

    I have a broach that came from Scotland.It’s two tiger teeth with a gold band In the center.circa 1920.

  2. kat dancing says:

    I have a broach from Scotland.two tiger teeth,with a gold band in center.circa 1920

    • That sounds so interesting. I would love to see a picture. You would have to go to There is a link on this site. When you get there, email me with the photo attached. If you would like to share it would be great to see it.

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