Cleaning Silver JEWELRY – Cleaning Acording To Collectors

Hello Bling Lover!   I love vintage silver jewelry. I love the sterling art deco and marcasite pieces. Personally, I like them looking shiny and new.  But most vintage silver r collectors like what I call tarnish. They call this look, patina. Many do not want to clean the groves made by engraving or other designing techniques.  So if you are some one who wants to maintain value of a vintage silver piece you may not want to clean or polish it at all.

I like to clean my silver. I will be back with some pictures and tell you what I use. Bernie


About kalanikaichat

My husband Bruce Gainer and I are owners of 209 and S106 at Kalanikai. We hope to chat with other owners and residents to learn more about our complex and our association. We hope Kalanikaichat enhances communication. Who knows we may make some new friends..
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