Vintage Evening Purses…Lovely and Interesting!

Hello Bling Lovers!  I love this old Whiting and Davis vintage evening purse. The black and white enameled design is from the Deco era. The polished silver plated compact top features a raised oval disc decorated in black enamel, depicting a colonial couple in period clothing.  The inside of the compact provides a place for the lady to carry powder and rouge. There is also a small oval mirror and a fold out holder for a small comb. The compact top lifts up to reveal the interior, unlined mesh purse. The original carry black cord handle with adjustable metal slide is securely attached.  I cleaned my compact with a soft cloth. I buffed the top with a silver polishing cloth. Do not use liquid silver cleaner on enameled bags. This is fun little purse to carry to dinner. Leave you cell phone at home. If you are looking for vintage purses let me know. I have hundreds. My Mom collected them for years and years.


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My husband Bruce Gainer and I are owners of 209 and S106 at Kalanikai. We hope to chat with other owners and residents to learn more about our complex and our association. We hope Kalanikaichat enhances communication. Who knows we may make some new friends..
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5 Responses to Vintage Evening Purses…Lovely and Interesting!

  1. Jess says:

    I think my question has been answered. I read your earlier post about using Tarn-X on mesh bags and was able to make an old Whiting and Davis dresden bag look AMAZING in literally seconds with the Tarn-X. I was wondering if it would have the same effect on an enameled purse – I would HATE to ruin an antique bag. What would happen to the enamel with Tarn-X?

    • Hello – I hope you have learned NOT to use Tarn-X on enamel purses. I think it would ruin them. Truly. The method is for only for silver. Some people don’t even like that. They want “patina”. Personally I was very pleased with the result. I am going to research other ways to clean the variety of vintage purses. I also have many, many enamel and beads purses. I love them.I love them best when clean. Cheers Bernie

  2. Anita says:

    Hi Bernie,
    I have just purchased the compact portion only of a purse just like yours. Your purse is, of course, fantastic, and mine is, well, much less. I wonder what the interior of yours looks like, and would very much like to see some additional interior photos.
    Thanks, Anita

    • Hello, This purse is for sale on If you go there – use the link on this site you will see a second picture showing the interior of the compact. I really love this one so interesting. Just what a girl would need when she went dancing. Thanks for your comment. bernie

  3. Karen Shultz says:

    Is there any way to tell where a silver mesh purse with no markings is from? I have one, not even sure if it is silver or Alpacca. Thank you!

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