Rhinestone Jewelry – The Sparkles I Love

Hello Bling Lovers! I had a good memorial day weekend. We attended the Fleet of Flowers Ceremony in Depoe Bay. It was a good way to remember the people who have given there lives for our freedom. A friend and wonderous singer sang at the memorial. June Rushing. You can find her on You Tube. She is amazing. I worn jeans and shirt but had to put sparkles on my ears. Jewelry, especially the sparkly kind makes me happy. So today, I am just here briefly so I can take prictures of butterfies and get them posted to Bernie’s Vintage. If you are looking for rhinestone jewelry, and don’t see what you like at the web store, please contact me. I might just have it. Take care, Bernie

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Facebook And Web Store – How To Get More Jewelry Lovers There?

Hello Bling Lovers! I am struggling as I try to upload more of my wonderful vintage jewelry to my web store. I also know I am not using Face book as I should. I need to research effective use of Facebook. I do know if I add new pieces to the web store I can show the pictures on Face book. But for now, while I am have a struggle with my uploads, I am thinking about posting a few jewelry thoughts on Facebook just to keep a post going out to Bernie’s Vintage friends. Looking for ideas. Most of all I need to sit still and work on my upload problems. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. In the mean time I am going to create one hair pretty using s brooch or a bracelet I think it will be lovely. I really like making a design that doesn’t damage the original piece of jewelry. Talk to you tomorrow – I am going to work on uploading. Bernie

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Vintage Jewelry – Bridal Hair Prettys and Tiaras – Beautiful.

Hello Bling Lovers! I am so excited about using some of my beautiful vintage jewelry to make special hair pieces for brides. I have some excellent high quality combs. I can add a lovely piece of jewelry with some beading or with feathers to make a one of a kind stunning hair pretty. When the wedding is over the brooch can be removed from the comb and worn on a jacket or blouse. Fun. If someone has a special piece from a family member, the piece can be made into the hair pretty without damaging the piece. Then the brooch or even a pair of earrings can be removed from the comb and worn. I love this idea.
I also like the idea of creating tiaras from a necklace or brooch. How lovely to add sparkle to your wedding. Then the piece can restored to being worn as a necklace. It is exciting and fun to use vintage jewelry in a different way – without damaging the vintage jewelry. I so love vintage jewelry. Bernie of Bernie’s Vintage

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YouTube Video – Rhinestone Butterflies

Hello Bling Lovers, I had such fun today. I was learning how to edit my vintage jewelry photos. I have the best teacher. She is awesome. Well she thought we should start making a few YouTube videos talking and showing some of my great vintage jewelry. We didn’t just talk about it – We did it! And I even put the VIDEO LINK HERE on my blog. I hope you will take a look. You will see some butterflies that are sooo pretty. These are samples of signed pieces. The video was fun and I know I am going to do it again. It is a great way to show Bling.

Cheers, Bernie – berniesvintage.com

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Hello Bling Lovers!

I hope all of you jewelry lovers had wonderful holidays. I know I did. This is the year to make my vintage jewelry and… store head up the search engines. Thanks to my web-site expert, the store will now use “Zen Cart”. It is amazing. You can feature new items automatically, sell gift certificates. Show multiple pictures easily. And this site loads everything is a couple of steps. It puts creates needed buttons for products. For instance it can put up a pay pal button for you. I am still learning, isn’t that my theme? But I think this is the cat’s meow. Happy New Year to All, Bernie

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Bridal Bouquets Made With Jewelry – Wow!

Hello Bling Lovers,
And h-e-l-l-o brides. I just read a great article from another jewelry blog about brides using vintage costume jewelry to make their bouquets. The bouquets looked amazing. Of course you would a “throwing” bouquet. You would not want to get hit with the jewelry. Oh my. The pictures I saw had a variety of flower pins. The pins were mostly metal painted or not. I think rhinestones would be fab! I read one person’s reaction to the photos and she said she would use butterflies to make her bouquet. I could make a several bouquets with all of the butterflies I have. I have not put 100s of butterflies in my shop so if you like this idea contact me. I really, really have plenty. My Mom loved butterflies. I wear one in her memory almost every day. Anyway, this is something new, and something old. A great new idea made from old jewelry. You could even add a special pin from your Mom or Grandma. So cool. I do love jewelry and bling!!

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Cleaning Silver JEWELRY – Cleaning Acording To Collectors

Hello Bling Lover!   I love vintage silver jewelry. I love the sterling art deco and marcasite pieces. Personally, I like them looking shiny and new.  But most vintage silver r collectors like what I call tarnish. They call this look, patina. Many do not want to clean the groves made by engraving or other designing techniques.  So if you are some one who wants to maintain value of a vintage silver piece you may not want to clean or polish it at all.

I like to clean my silver. I will be back with some pictures and tell you what I use. Bernie berniesvintage.com

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