• Illusion Jewels: Researching Costume Jewelry
    This site posts pictures of the identification marks used by jewelry designers and makers, and research information about costume jewelry, such as how long it has been made, where it was made, etc. Also includes links to resource and research sites.

  • Juliana Jewelry, DeLizza & Elster Jewelry
    This site is filled with albums of pictures of jewelry submitted in hopes of being verified as De Lizza & Elster jewelry. Mr. De Lizza, an original designer, verifies pieces as D & E or states that they are not from his designs. This site is important because De Lizza & Elster jewelry is not signed. The term “Juliana” has been expanded to refer to jewelry made in the Juliana style.

  • Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry
    This site provides research and pictures of collectible and antique items – purses, jewelry and glassware. It also offers quality articles about a large variety of collectible items.


2 Responses to Resources

  1. Aubrey Be says:


    I’ve recently been looking for blogs that could potential write a blog about my handmade jewelry. I need a little bit more traffic to go through my site to increase the chances of sales. As a payment for featuring me on your blog I could send you a sample piece from my site and you could write a review on it. Let me know if your interested. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Aubrey Be

    • Aloha, I am willing to use one of your pictures and to put a link to your site if you would put a link to my web store, I really like your wave earrings. If you send me a large email size of them, I will talk about your store and hand made jewelry on my blog. We can help each other get our stores higher on search lists. Mahalo, Bernice

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