Silver Cleaning – Another Opinion

Hello Bling Lovers,

Bernie’s Vintage Blog is a place where I can share my journey as I learn more and more about vintage jewelry, evening purses, glass and other amazing collectibles left to me by my wonderful Mom. I am sharing my discoveries with you.  I am also sharing my questions.

My local jeweler, who is also a gemologist and buys estate jewelry and evening purses is a wonderful resource. She told me how to clean my vintage silver purses. Her opinion was the purse I showed her was “sterling”. After my visit with her. I found the mark ALPACCA on the purse. I found the term ALPACA from a web search. One of the Jewelcollect members told me ALPACA or ALPACCA purses from Germany (it is from Germany as stated in my Identifying and Cleaning Silver earlier post)  are a silver alloy rather than sterling. I thank her. I located additional information agreeing with her.

The member also stated she did NOT  think sterling should be cleaned by dipping in Tarn-X, as my jeweler does. I cleaned my purse using the Tarn-X method. I am happy with the results but I do not want others to try this and be unhappy. One issue the JC member brought up was “patina” . Personally I prefer the shiny silver color but for collectors, like me, who also want to sell their pieces, the effect on sales is important.

Yesterday was amazing, I go so much new information from JC members And my friend who has been helping me set up my web-store and this blog is helping me set links to older posts and to pictures in blog I talk about.

Bling lovers, vintage jewelry collection is complex and exciting. I am looking at history from an entire new prospective. I am looking at pieces of jewelry and learning the history of where, when and how they were made. Fabulous.

Looking forward to reactions and comments about my posts. Contradict me if you disagree with anything. Let’s share our opinions!   Bernie


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  1. If only I had a dime for every time I came here… Great article!

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