Bridal Bouquets Made With Jewelry – Wow!

Hello Bling Lovers,
And h-e-l-l-o brides. I just read a great article from another jewelry blog about brides using vintage costume jewelry to make their bouquets. The bouquets looked amazing. Of course you would a “throwing” bouquet. You would not want to get hit with the jewelry. Oh my. The pictures I saw had a variety of flower pins. The pins were mostly metal painted or not. I think rhinestones would be fab! I read one person’s reaction to the photos and she said she would use butterflies to make her bouquet. I could make a several bouquets with all of the butterflies I have. I have not put 100s of butterflies in my shop so if you like this idea contact me. I really, really have plenty. My Mom loved butterflies. I wear one in her memory almost every day. Anyway, this is something new, and something old. A great new idea made from old jewelry. You could even add a special pin from your Mom or Grandma. So cool. I do love jewelry and bling!!


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4 Responses to Bridal Bouquets Made With Jewelry – Wow!

  1. Paula says:

    I love the idea as long as it can be done in such a way as to not disrupt the integrity of the piece(s). I’m really new to collecting and fairly young, all things considered ;), and most women my age could care less about vintage costume jewelry unless they can hack it up and harvest the old stones/findings for “new” pieces they call Artisan or use it to embellish their scrapbooks. I’m not a jewelry snob; if it’s truly beyond repair then go for it. I just think of it as my responsibility to preserve these items and make wearable again the ones I can, so that future generations can enjoy a level of artistry and craftsmanship that is now scarce in my generations’ costume jewelry offerings. (My 11 year old daughter loves to look at my treasures but I can tell she’s getting to an age where it’s starting to embarrass her. Ah well, someday she will appreciate my efforts!).

    I would think that a bride would want to be able to take pieces from the bouquet and be able to wear them as a way to remember their wedding day. Also, wouldn’t it be cool to use the same sort of idea for a sort of bridal tiara/headband? The whole Will and Kate wedding could also bring a take on the Fascinator into play. It just occurred to me, too, after thinking of my daughter; some sort of corsage/wristlete/headband for Prom would be a rather one-of-a-kind thing to show-up the other girls at Prom, but ultimately, an opportunity to teach the younger girls who will someday be the future recipients of all of this, to appreciate this jewelry. Anyway, thanks for this blog – it’s a real gem and I love to read your musings!

    • Hello Fellow Bling Lover, The tiara idea is perfect. I took a bracelet and made a quick tiara. It looked good and the way I put it together I was able to get the piece back to being a bracelet. It was cool. You could feature a brooch and take the tiara apart so the brooch could be worn after the wedding. Thanks for mentioning it. I got some combs also and am going to make a couple of hair pieces usning jewelry. I agree, I don’t want to damage the vintage piece. When I get a piece I really like I will post it. Sorry to be so slow. We have been in Hawaii and I get really disconnected from my “indoor” world. However, I am back and going to get my web store updated and play with my jewelry. I made a silly YouTube video talking about rhinestone butterflys. That was fun. Jewelry is so beautiful. It makes your heart smile. Thanks for your comments.

      • Paula says:

        I’m glad the tiara idea worked! There’s so much that could be done with this concept that the sky is the limit. On that note: I noticed in another post or two the agonizing self-debate over pricing/when will it sell – and I say that because I have that conflict – have you ever thought of renting your pieces out or a select group of them for the bridal/special occasion guest in mind? I am considering this concept myself but I am worried about cost of paperwork, etc. and potential damage/non-returns/normal-wear-and-tear/replacement. I realize that I’m highlighting the negatives here but perhaps this idea could be a goldmine if one selected pieces that were easily replaceable – at least for not more than one rental and original purchase price. I’m not trying to go back on my original statement on keeping the integrity of the piece – just being realistic about what could happen and maybe it’s a reason in-and-of itself to not do it? Or it could be a royal pain in the backside and not worth the pain. What is your opinion?

  2. Bernie says:

    The rental idea sounds interesting. If you got a deposit for the retail value of the piece, then if it wasn’t returned, you would simply have a sale. I would make sure I did not rent anything that would “hurt” my heart to lose. And you could take photos of the piece – one copy to you and one to the renter. Figure out the details of what damage means. Have someone who could repair small issues so you don’t have to keep the deposit if the fix is rational. It would be work but it is inovative and in my mind, quite a good idea. Good Luck, Bernie

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